Driving Around the City? Everything you Need to know about Car Insurance

Sooner or later everyone who drives will be involved in some type of accident. Most accidents are not major collisions. Many of them are minor collisions. Still, a motorist must have automotive coverage because it’s the law.

Drivers who use the roads, streets and highways of Brampton need car insurance. In the event that a driver causes an accident, a car insurance policy will protect them from property and medical claims. Also, Canadian law requires that all drivers to have automotive coverage if they operate a vehicle. The following material will explain the types of automotive coverage that is available to the motorists of Sylvan Lake.


Liability Coverage

Liability insurance coverage is the basic type of policy that a driver can use to meet their insurance requirement. Basic liability coverage will pay out up to $200,000 for any accident. This is Canada’s minimum legal requirement for drivers.

Depending on the type of car that they own, a vehicle owner can expect to pay at least $100 dollars a month for insurance coverage. For some vehicles, this amount will be higher and for others possibly lower. This type of insurance only protects a driver who is at fault in an accident. However, if the drive at fault damaged their car in the collision; liability insurance cannot be used to repair their vehicle.


Full Coverage

Full coverage is a term that insurance companies use to provide a wide variety of policy coverages to motorists. This type of coverage often includes collision insurance, uninsured motorist and comprehensive coverage. A person can usually mix and match the types of coverages they want under a full coverage policy. At the very least this type of policy will provide basic liability protection.


Collision, Comprehensive and Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Collision insurance provides protection to a vehicle owner’s car in the event that they cause an accident. Comprehensive coverage protects a vehicle’s car from incidents that are not related to a crash. Uninsured motorist protects a vehicle owner in the event they are struck by another driver who does not have any insurance.


Special Types of Coverages

Motorists can use specialized insurance coverages as a means to provide further protection for motorists. All-perils insurance provides protection from situations such as fires, flooding or even an earthquake.

No-fault insurance allows drivers to receive compensation when it is hard to figure out who really caused an accident. Accidents benefits coverage is the perfect insurance solution for drivers who have incurred medical expenses and it also replaces lost wages. These are some of the basic insurance protections that Canadian insurance companies provide for drivers in the Vaughan community.